The Virgin

My eyes saw the glory of the dead
So I took them out
I can still see what I’m told to see
Now I must also take yours
I was told to come to you
Because you still hold your virtue
Many of your age don’t
You are rare it’s true
I’ll take you to place
One that you’ll never forget
I can’t believe that you never dared
I can’t bieve no one made you care
You were afraid of being inept
You would’ve been
I’m grateful for your embarrassment
Your self pity and loathing
I am dumbfounded
everything seems in order
Firm and soft and warm and smooth
Who have you been waiting for?
Was it me?
Take deep drinks from me
We can sit here all night
You and I in the moonlight
You won’t leave here alive
Your virtue has more worth
Than anything I can think of on Earth
But now it’s master’s and it’s mine
You’re death shall be divine.

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