Not Being One to Die

Can you call this life a life
Everyday it’s the same thing
Everything is hard to get your hands on
You have to fight to stay alive
Close your eyes to dreams of how things were
Open your eyes to a bloody hysterical blur
Constantly having to kill the dead
So that you may have a restful sleep in bed, that’s not a real bed.
Time and circumstance are against you
But who can you blame
Don’t live in the past
If you really want to live here and now
The dead show up and you ran
But what about that master plan
Plans never work as they are supposed to
now your all alone
So who’s left to blame
Are you ready to accept your fate
There’s no one left to hate
But yourself, if you want to.
I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes
Your dreams will never come true
This living nightmare is what your life’s come to
awkwardly kick and pray
That you’ll get to live just another day
The only one left to blame is you
Blame yourself for staying alive
Take the blame for being a survivor
Take the blame for not being one to die, at least not tonight.

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