Dear Terrified Girl

Dear Terrified Girl
Why are you so afraid?
What did that awful man say
Did he ask you to play?
She said he looked at me hauntingly
 tried to distract him feverishly
 tried to outrun him upstairs
But he caught me
Dear psychotic murderer
What the hell did you do?
That girl was mortified because of you
Don’t you know there are ways to do what we do
he said I think she’s in love with me
She kept looking into my eyes
She couldn’t wait to get us upstairs
She threw herself on the bed for me
Then what the hell did you do
You were only supposed to split her in two
None of this courtship slaying was for you
You knew the job you were given to do
He said We made love she played coy
She tried to hide it behind tears of joy
Then I stabbed her in the gut it smelled foul
as her torso I disembowled
Then what the hell did you do?
did you leave any clues
We don’t want the boys in blue
to find you, then find us, too
He said I dismembered the corpse
I ate as much as I could of course
put her in trash bags and tossed her out the window
She’s here now, would you like to see
Dear Terrified Girl
I am so sorry for your ordeal
I am sorry for that awful man
What he did wasn’t part of the deal

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