The streets are flooded with chaotic humans
Running for their life from the things unknown
I know what the encompassing evil is
I know it because it is my own
You ask me for help, you ask for my hand
There is nothing I can give you or do
For I am just a man
You think i am the devil
You think I am He
You search for answers
You invent prophesies
It’s here… Apocalyptic Apocalypse
Hands tear your body apart
Glands ripped out of your skin
Heads being torn of from their necks
You assume it’s from your sin
It’s not your sin, but the fault is yours
All of this is because of you
The whip I crack, you take it on your back
Your flesh splits open, blood and bones to view
The boy in the woods, the girl sitting at home
The man at the factory and woman being sold
All with suffer and all will melt into a boiling mess

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