EPentagram is coming…


Coming soon, I will be releasing a collection of the first 5 EP’s called EPentagram. It has 21 songs and includes the tracks from Hung, Carve Into Flesh, Esu, You Shouldn’t Be Here and Schizophrenic Screams. It also contains 2 bonus tracks.

Here is the tracks listing:

1. I Was Dead
2. Gutted Pharise
3. Hot Summer Decomposition
4. Commence the Death
5. Whore in the Grave
6. Tied Up Behind My Car
7. Blood on the Cleaver
8. Die Fuck Die
9. I Am The Razor
10. Suicide Pact
11. Cannibal Reflux
12. Fist Fuck Your Face*
13. Punctured Lungs
14. Suffering
15. Knife in Hand
16. Kill
17. Blood Soaked Smile*
18. We’re All Gonna Die Someday
19. Completely Fucking Miserable
20. The Virgin
21. Apocalypse
Keep an eye out if you don’t have these tracks. There will be a discounted price the first few days.
* indicates bonus tracks
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