Dec. Free Subscriber release – Cut Bela

Every month since I have been doing The Murder Cult, I have tried to give a little something special to my subscribers on bandcamp.

These exclusive releases have been really fun for me to do because I get to do things like cover songs, experiment more, and give you all somethings that are a little special.


The exclusives releases so far have been Fist, which was the outtakes from the Esu sessions. It has one song that has never been released publicly and a different version of Die Fuck Die.

Bloodcrush 2

The second one I did, Bloodcrush, has an unreleased song from the You Shouldn’t Be Here sessions along with my first cover song, Mayhem’s Deathcrush.


Then I went full on, out of control and recorded a 4 song tribute EP to Black Flag called The Blackest Flag.

December is no different. This months subscriber only release is called Cut Bela. This EP is pretty awesome. It has an outtake from Mortem Mortis called Cutting. The only reason why I left this off of the album, was to be able to give you something cool. The song almost ten minutes long and never lets up.

The second track on it is a Bauhaus cover called Bela Lugosi’s Dead. Probably, their most popular song. I have loved this song since I saw it in the film The Hunger.

Finally, there is a different mix of the song Apocalypse from the Schizophrenic Screams EP that has a subtle taste of Immortal to it.

Cut Bela will be released on Xmas and if you are a subscriber will be delivered to you for FREE without you having to do anything.


Along with that, the January subscriber release, Victims Welcome, is another three song EP that includes another great outtake track from Mortem Mortis called That Victim Was Mine, which may be my favorite track from those sessions. It also includes a cover of Venom’s Welcome to Hell and a longer version of Wed the Dead.

That will be released on New Years Day. So you will have two new EP’s before the holidays are over!

If you would like to subscribe, for only $3 a month, Click here to watch a video and find out how. You will get everything I have put out, discounts on merch and tons of free stuff like these EPs but more than that, you will have the knowledge that you are helping to support my art.

Thank you and have a killer holiday.

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