Save $2 when you pre-order Mortem Mortis


You can pre-order Mortem Mortis right now for only $5. You will get two songs (The Old Dark House not he Hill and Dear Terrified Girl) immediately, and then the digital album sent to you directly on the 15th.

Mortum MortisThe album contain 8 songs: The Old Dark House on the Hill, Not Being One to Die, You Can Beg All You Want, Dear Terrified Girl, God Satan Christ, Wed the Dead, Zoe and This Town Will Never Rest Again.

If you wait until the 15th to pick it up, it will be $7, pre-order and save! Plus you get to start blasting it out now.

If you are one of my subscribers, you will get it for free on the 15th.

You can pre-order or sign up as a subscriber by clicking here. 




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