Swear Yourself To Me

Swear to MeThis came from out of nowhere. I swear. Really.

Pick up the new EP, Swear Yourself To Me, here.

I was on the forums at www.metal-archives.com and they had a challenge going where you had a month to write, record, mix and master a song that was at least 20 minutes long.

I jumped at the idea.

Most of you know that up until now, the longest song that I have put out is just over 16 minutes (We’re All Gonna Die SomedaySchizophrenic Screams so being able to do something longer as a challenge was just an awesome idea.

So over the next few days, I wrote parts and recorded ideas. Then, once I had it down, I went ahead and just recorded straight through. The middle breakdown was completely made up on the spot and was actually difficult to play along with all the other instruments.

Another first on this, is that I used keyboards and synths for the first time in this band. They aren’t heavy, but they add a lot to the final act of the song.

The song is called Swear Yourself to Me and I’ll post lyrics soon. But honestly, I am so proud of it. It was much harder work than most of my stuff and it was totally worth it.

The EP is just this one song, but this one song is over 25 minutes. That’s longer than most of my other EPs.

Again, you can pick it up here.

Thanks again to www.metal-archives.com for giving me the kick in the butt to do this.

Also be sure to pre-order Mortem Mortis! It comes out on Dec. 15th!


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