Murder… is finally The Murder Cult

Hung2016In case you haven’t seen it up anywhere, Murder… has officially changed it’s name to The Murder Cult.

The reason why was because there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion about the name of the band since all the social media pages and the website was called The Murder Cult.

So now, I hope there is no more confusion.

All of the releases up until now have been changed to The Murder Cult, and even the first two releases, I Was Dead and Hung have slightly different covers to help avoid further confusion. i was dead copy

Don’t forget to pre-order Mortem Mortis! It’s $5 now or $7 on the 15th. If you are a subscriber, you don’t have to pay anything, you will get that and two new little releases between now and Xmas.

Now, stop being so dam confused and spread THE MURDER CULT like a freaking plague. \m/

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