Black Friday is Going to be MURDER…

cropped-Carve-Into-Flesh.jpgThat’s right. Murder… is getting involved in Black Friday too!

All day long, you can subscribe to Murder for only $3. That’s right $3.

What does that $3 get you?

It gives you my discography.

That means all the EPs and singles: I Was Dead, Hung, Carve Into Flesh, Esu, You Shouldn’t Be Here and Schizophrenic Screams.

It also gives you all of the monthly subscriber only releases: Fist, Bloodcrush, Blackest Flag, Cut Bela (releases on Xmas) and Victims Welcome (Releases New Years Day). Those contain bonus tracks, remixes and covers from bands like Mayhem, Black Flag, Bauhaus and Venom!

Plus, you will also get my upcoming, full-length, album, Mortem Mortis!


On top of all of that, you will also get 20% off of all physical merch in shop and you will also get little presents sent to you every so often

All of this for only $3 a month. You will be locked into that rate as long as you are a subscriber.

Click the link here to find out more and watch a really cool video I made about it. 

See you Friday, the blackest day of the year!

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